Timo Somers Pink Bone 1 Signature Guitar Pick

Timo Somers Pink Bone 1 Signature Guitar Pick
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Buffalo Bone
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Milled from Buffalo Bone, the Timo Somers Signature pick is based on the Jazzy Tones Max plectrums. They are precision oriented tools with a quick and accurate tip, presenting a chamfer for fluidity.
What makes the Timo Somers Signature unique though is the laser engraving work. One side is etched with Timos own logo, The other side of the plectrum is etched in a wave pattern for extra grip. 
Buffalo Bone is very bright sounding with clean crisp tones.
Timo Somers is a Dutch Guitar Player, Songwriter, Producer & Singer. He is known as the founder of Tri Head and member of symphonic metal band Delain, Legendary rock act Vengeance and Arrow Haze. Timo is also a worldwide sought after session musician, playing on different albums in all kinds of styles and a clinician for diverse brands. Next to focusing on his current world tour with Delain (who have just released their 4th worldwide release this year) and other projects, he is currently working on his debut instrumental album called Tri-Head with Atma Anur (Journey, Richie Kotzen, Greg Howe etc) and Barend Courbois (Blond Guardian, Vengeance)
This pack contains one Timo Somers signature pick

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